First Reviews Are In For Kennedy’s Avenger


The New York Times bestselling authors, Dan Abrams and David Fisher, are back with their newest book, Kennedy’s Avenger: Assassination, Conspiracy, and the Forgotten Trial of Jack Ruby. Set to be released on June 1st, the book is already gaining high praise from its first reviewers.

Kennedy’s Avenger is the fourth collaboration between Abrams and Fisher to chronicle one of the most important and interesting legal trials in American history. This time Abrams and Fisher dive deep into the trial of Jack Ruby, the nightclub owner who shot and killed JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, on national television. “With journalistic precision and in encyclopedic detail, the authors follow the increasingly complicated and at times ludicrous proceedings from the revolving door defense team to the endless motions and appeals, the conspiracy theories, and, of course, the ongoing media frenzy,” writes Gary Day of Booklist in one of the book’s first reviews.

From a world famous boxing champion to strip tease dancers, the trial featured unique witnesses and unusual arguments for Ruby’s defense. “Followers of all things regarding the JFK assassination will be fascinated by this account of one of the most unique trials of the twentieth century,” Day wrote.

Kirkus Reviews called the book “a bright spotlight on well-worn ground,” with Abrams and Fisher providing an “animated, overwhelmingly detailed examination of the trial.” Sticking to the facts, “Abrams and Fisher mine transcripts and news coverage to dramatize the trial as it unfolded, including witness testimony, lawyers’ objections, the judge’s rulings, and [defense attorney Melvin Belli’s] repeated calls for a mistrial.” 

Despite shooting Owsald on live television and being convicted of murder in 1964, Ruby died an innocent man in the eyes of the law. Kennedy’s Avenger takes a “fresh, detailed look” at one of the most publicized and surprising criminal trials in America’s history. Pre-orders are available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.


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