Career Milestones

From 1992 to 1997, Dan was a court reporter for Court TV, covering the major trials of the Menendez Brothers, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, JonBenét Ramsey, and the International War Crimes Tribunal. He also covered the OJ Simpson trial, which helped establish him as a nationally known legal reporter.

Dan continued to cover major news events when he joined NBC as a general assignment correspondent. Maybe most memorable, Dan covered the Bush v. Gore proceedings after the 2000 general election. Dan was on the Supreme Court steps when the pamphlet from the Bush v. Gore trial was handed out, and he became the first network correspondent to correctly interpret the decision. In 2001, The Abrams Report debuted on MSNBC and ran until 2006 when Dan accepted the position of General Manager of MSNBC. With ratings up 62% during his tenure, Dan returned to the screen in 2007 with his 9pm show Live with Dan Abrams, which later became Verdict with Dan Abrams.  To read his MSNBC bio, click here. In 2008, Dan ventured to start the first of his own businesses, Abrams Research.

Today, Dan is also the founder of the Abrams Media Network, which includes Mediaite, Styleite, Geekosystem, and SportsGrid. He is also the Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, offering legal analysis of the most important legal stories of the day.

Dan Abrams