Dan Abrams’ Web Properties Today: September 27, 2013

CaptureFrom Mediaite: Bloomberg is shutting down questions… Mediaite reports, “Still-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatened to end all press conferences on Thursday if reporters didn’t stick to questions about city government rather than his thoughts about mayoral candidates. ‘I’m not going to bother with the press conferences,’ Bloomberg told reporters during a Q&A following an announcement about air quality. ‘There’s just no reason to do it.’ ‘I think it’s very important that we talk to the public and that we answer the press’ questions, but you just gotta restrict the questions to things that are germane to what our administration is doing,’ he said. ‘You just got to stop making every press conference—all you want to do is ask about things you know I’m not going to say.'” Read the full story here.


CaptureFrom Gossip Cop: Kanye v. Kimmel erupted last night: writes Gossip Cop, “Jimmy Kimmel kicked off Thursday’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ just hours after a major fight with Kanye West erupted online, and the talk show host revealed the drama actually began earlier that night with ‘a very angry phone call’ from the rapper. As Gossip Cop reported, West’s anger apparently stemmed from a video Kimmel had aired this week, spoofing a recent interview he did with BBC Radio 1. The Grammy winner was pissed off enough to call Kimmel in his office, but the conversation didn’t go as planned and West took to Twitter to blast the comedian as a ‘manipulative media mother**ker.’ But that didn’t stop Kimmel from using his show to mock West again, going on to read off all his tweets and joke about each one.” Read more here.


CaptureFrom Geekosystem: News from Mars! Geekosystem reports, “The Curiosity rover has found water on Mars, or rather in Mars. The rover analyzed a soil sample and found it to be made up of about two percent water. It’s not exactly an ocean, but it’s significant. Curiosity was sent to Mars to find out if the planet could have once supported life, and water is a big component in that. The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument on board the Curiosity analyzed the sample, and besides the water in the soil found that when heated it released significant levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and sulfur compounds. SAM is capable of detecting organic compounds as well, and although organic material was found during the analysis of the Martian soil, it could not be confirmed that they are of Martian origin. It’s more likely they had been formed during the experiment itself.” Read the story here.


CaptureFrom Styleite: Who’s poised to take over the fashion world? Writes Styleite, ” Fashion has always been one of the cult of youth’s most valuable subscribers. And if 40′s the new 50 and 30′s the new 40 and so on, it’s not surprising that so many of the industry’s most game-changing designers are not much older than the models walking their runways. From Olivier Rousteing, who caused media hysteria when he was appointed to the head of Balmain at just 25, to equally buzz-worthy names you might not have put such a wrinkle-free face to, here are the most talented designers yet to reach the ripe old age of 30.” So who makes the list? From Dion Lee to Yang Li, see the full 30 here.


CaptureFrom SportsGrid: What’s Brian Wilson up to now? SportsGrid answers, “Brian Wilson’s arm is fine, but his head is as screwed up as ever. According to various reports, the new Dodgers’ reliever confronted Giants’ CEO Larry Baer in the stands at AT&T following SF’s 3-2 win on Tuesday night, and complained that he hasn’t received his 2012 World Series ring. What a delightful display, eh? Wilson walked through the San Francisco handshake line to confront Baer in the front row of the stands. An animated conversation ensued, and Wilson wasn’t talking when asked about it later in the clubhouse. But several are reporting that it had to do with his ring, which Wilson still hasn’t received.” Read the story here.


CaptureFrom The Mary Sue: A Walking Dead mystery is resolved by The Mary Sue today: writes the site, “Alanna Masterson is the third actor to be added to the ranks The Walking Dead‘s fourth season. But who is she playing? …What we know, as it happens, isn’t much. All we have is that she’ll be introduced midway through season four and will be a recurring character with “an option to become a regular in Season 5,” according to Deadline. That reads to me that she’ll be a fairly major character. The rumor mill pegs her as Tara Chalmers, but we’ve also previously heard about some new characters, two of whom—”Laura, a single mom and ex-nurse who isn’t quite as strong as she first appears; Melody, a ‘just one of the guys’ kinda gal in her 20s”—could conceivably be Masterson’s character. The actress has previously appeared in episodes of GreekMalcolm in the Middle, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Read on here.


CaptureFrom The Jane Dough: It’s hard out there for a lady reporter: writes The Jane Dough, “I realize that this is our second story in as many days about someone getting felt up and, after much thought, I think I am okay with being on the second base beat. Besides, the stories are completely different: in one scenario the perpetrator was a wild, sexually aggressive primate with close-set eyes and a protruding buttocks; in this one it was a baboon. (*rimshot* Classic misdirection! TAKE THAT MARLON BRANDO, YOU INCREDIBLE STAR OF THE SILVER SCREEN WHOM I ACTUALLY TOTALLY RESPECT!) Poor local Sacramento reporter Sabrina Rodriguez: as if covering a local harvest festival wasn’t bad enough, a baboon named Mickey grabbed onto one of her breasts during the live segment and didn’t let go.” See what happened here.


CaptureFrom The Braiser: Jimmy Kimmel may have been busy feuding with Yeezus, but he made some time for a favorite foodie: writes the site, “Last night, Anthony Bourdain and Jimmy Kimmel shot the breeze onJimmy Kimmel Live!, and in between tales of having a trained killer for a wife and constantly disappointed Italian in-laws, Bourdain revealed his secret to becoming a Social Media Presence: photos of In-n-Out Burgers. ‘I could tweet a picture of myself wrestling naked with the Dalai Lama, or Instagram that, and get 7,000 ‘likes,’’ he told Kimmel. ‘Tweet a photo of an In-n-Out Burger sitting on a table? 30,000 ‘likes’ in ten minutes.’ We need to test this theory. We’re gonna try that later today with a True In-n-Out story, and see what happens.” In the meantime, watch the interview here.