“Yes, the Ferguson Grand Jury Was Different, But That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing” by Dan Abrams

CaptureDan wrote an article for ABCNews.com on the Ferguson grand jury and the aftermath of their decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. The case has been extremely high profile and controversial. The grand jury had been meeting since August discussing this case and the country was anticipating this long awaited decision. Dan wrote a compelling article that sheds light on the grand jury process and analyzes their decision to not take the case to trial. Dan writes, “It is a legitimate retort to say that if that is our system, then it needs to change. However the process typically works, some will legitimately argue, more police officers need to be held accountable for the shooting of young African-American men. Fair enough, but that does not change the reality that in this case, with these facts, the system does not appear to have been compromised.” Read the full piece here.