Today on Dan Abrams’ Sites

On Mediaite today: oh, Jimmy McMillan of the “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party, your star was burning so bright until it turned out that you may/may not pay (damn) rent at all! Nonetheless McMillan was on FOX News with Sean Hannity today outlining his platform should he win the gubernatorial election in New York state. Highlight: “As long as I can help someone get a plate of food on their table, roof over their head, and money in their pocket– let it roll.” Good grief — it’s like he thinks we won’t notice when he plagiarizes Thomas Paine. See the clip here.

Eek: Geekosystem reports that Digg is firing 1/3 of its staff, a decision that my have resulted from a redesign plagued by bugs (the digital kind). CEO Matt Williams sent out an “it’s not you, it’s me” memo today designed to prepare everyone for some soul-crushing cuts. Adding salt to the wound is the news that Reddit, with a staff 1/10 the size of Digg’s, is crushing it traffic-wise. To read the memo and the full post, click here.

Everything’s getting more difficult these days: Styleite reports that Playboy is charging registration and photo fees for aspiring models hoping to appear nude in a publication so past its prime, it parodies itself. The $20 registration fee and $50-$60 models pay for pictures are even more absurd when compared to all other model casting calls, in which paying anything to get in the door is usually the sign of a scam. Get the full post here.

Whoa: Sportsgrid has the story (complete with a gruesome photo) of Miami University hockey player Will Weber, who had to be removed from a game after suffering a skate to the neck. Weber was taken to the hospital for surgery, and ended up with 100 stitches on the inside of his neck, as well as 15 staples holding his head onto his body (really, that’s what it looks like). On the bright side, Weber’s Frankenstein costume is going to win all of the contests this Halloween! …Too soon? To read the full post, click here.

On Gossip Cop today: between the modeling Ponzi schemes and super crass offers to troubled celebs, Playboy is almost too classy. Their latest amazing move is an offer of $75,000 to Oksana Grigorieva to pose for an editorial. Grigorieva, you’ll recall, is currently enjoying quite a bit of notoriety for being a victim of appalling verbal and physical abuse, so it just makes sense that we would all want to see her naked now. It’s the only way for us to heal as a country, man. Get the full post here.