The Relentless Obsession to Execute Jodi Arias by Dan Abrams

CaptureDan┬árecently penned an article for ABC News on Jodi Arias, the woman who was found guilty of first degree murder for brutally killing Travis Alexander in 2008. Although convicted of murder, the jury was hung on whether or not to execute Arias. She is now in the midst of a retrial to determine her punishment, and the prosecution is pushing for the death penalty again. With three potential outcomes, Dan makes a compelling argument why this retrial and the push to execute Arias might be unnecessary, not only because of cost of the trial in terms of time and money but because one of the three potential outcomes gives Arias a chance for eventual freedom. If Arias were to be sentenced to life in prison with parole, it does provide her with a an opportunity to gain her freedom at some point down the line. As Dan said, “Prosecutors already proved that Jodi Arias is cunning, dangerous and evil. So now this sentencing re-trial runs the risk of engendering some level of sympathy for Arias that is as unwarranted as it is unnecessary.” Read the full article here.