The Latest on Live PD, “Sticks” and Me

For over a year so many of you in the LivePDNation have been asking for updates on the show. I truly appreciate the sentiment and share your desire and need for answers. No one was more disappointed or frustrated when Live PD was taken off the air than me and I desperately want to see the show return. Now. With policing in the news more than ever, I believe showing America the more day-to-day aspects of what it’s like to be a police officer in this country is more important than ever.

Before I go any further, let me just re-iterate that I don’t own Live PD and have no current financial stake in the franchise so my power is limited. Even so, I along with the producers of the show, have been doing everything possible to bring Live PD, or something just like it, back on the air. To that point, there has — and continues to be —significant interest within the industry to bring the show back. If I could say more without potentially hurting the larger cause here I promise you that I would. But when I tweeted at the beginning of this year that I was confident that Live PD was coming back in 2021, it wasn’t just wishful thinking. With that said, I will admit that I’m incredibly dismayed that it’s not back already.

So here is what I am promising all of you: I am going to continue to serve as a vocal advocate for Live PD but in the meantime, I will be highlighting a side of law enforcement that few in the media seem interested in covering. Starting on September 27 I will have a new nightly cable news show on NewsNation at 8pm (ET) where I will have daily segments showcasing some of the harrowing and heroic moments police officers face on duty every day.

To help me in that effort, our friend Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin has agreed to become a regular contributor on the show so you will get to see him as well! (NewsNation is a new independent-minded news network that you almost certainly have on your cable or your favorite streamer, you just have to find it!)

I know how frustrated many of you have become about the slow flow of information on Live PD and appreciate how loyal you remain. So thank you for your patience. Believe me, I share that frustration. In the meantime, I hope you choose to join me on Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation starting on September 27.


– Dan Abrams