The Dan Abrams Show: Week In Review

For it’s premiere week, The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law boasted an impressive portfolio of guest experts and television personalities. With them Dan discussed the biggest news stories of the day, ranging from the latest developments in president Trump’s campaign to Whitey Bulger, the pipebomb packages, and the Tree of Life shooting.

Monday, Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and radio show host, welcomed Dan to SiriusXM POTUS Channel, and Daniel Goldman, NBC News and MSNBC Legal Analyst spoke with Dan about the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh.

Tuesday, Jamal Greene,Dwight Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and Paul Callan, CNN Legal Analyst, Criminal Defense Attorney & Former NYC Homicide Prosecutor joined the show to discuss Birthright Citizenship, and the legalities of Trump’s announced desire to end the constitutional law.

Wednesday, Sean Hannity discussed his views on Trump and answered questions about his reporting on the White House. Jeffrey Toobin, Senior Legal Analyst for CNN, Staff writer for The New Yorker and Author of American Heiress called in to talk about Roger Stone gearing up for legal battle.

Thursday, Geraldo Rivera, Correspondent at Large for Fox News and Host of the new REELZ Network series “Geraldo Rivera’s Murder in the Family” sat down to discuss his own opinions on Trump and the most controversial news of the week.  

Friday, Mimi Rocah, Former Federal Prosecutor for Southern District of New York & MSNBC Legal Analyst and Brian Williams, Chief Investigative Reporter for the Law & Crime Network discussed the migrant caravan and the death of Whitey Bulger.


The Dan Abrams Show airs from 2:00-3:00pm every weekday on SiriusXM POTUS Channel 124.