Somehow “Seinfeld” Remains As Relevant as Ever On Mediaite and Elsewhere

It is hard to believe that the show Seinfeld ended 17 years ago. It’s even harder to believe how often it is still mentioned, discussed and used as a cultural reference. In fact, in the past three months there were 15 mentions of it on This past week, Mediaite covered the intense competition to air the Seinfeld reruns between Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo. For a 17 year old show, that is pretty astounding. But it is the regular references in pop culture and elsewhere that are even more striking. From Larry David still defending the finale, to a killer who may have been influenced by the show, to Dan’s neighbor being compared to “Newman,” …What is it about the show that makes it so timeless? Well the characters were certainly unique but yet, at the same time so familiar to many of us in one way or another. Additionally,  it also ran for 9 years ( and continues to rerun) so it became part of the lexicon of a generation. Whatever the reason, here is to Seinfeld and its enduring legacy!