NYC Now Considering Civil Legal Aid For Low Income Residents

Just over a month ago Dan wrote an article detailing how his own personal legal battle reminded him of certain flaws in the civil law system. In it he describes his firsthand experience of money playing a huge factor in a decision whether to sue, he stated, “The facts became secondary to a far more frightening but obvious reality that money can pervert justice.” While Dan didn’t seem too concerned about his own “trivial” fracas, he pointed out how lucky he is to have the luxury to decide whether its worth pursuing.  He asked, “What about those who face the daunting prospect of enormous legal fees in real and important cases when the other side has no financial limits?” Well New York City may soon be proposing a possible solution.  At the NYC State of the City Speech on Wednesday, February 11th. City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, announced a new proposal to assist low-income New Yorkers’ needing access to legal representation. She stated this would be accomplished through the creation of a new office called the “Office of the Civil Justice Coordinator”. Much like Dan’s recent piece published on, it highlights the difficulty low-income individuals have getting the legal advice and resources they need. She stated,  “Each year more than a million low-income New Yorkers who need civil legal help don’t get it.”