Lincoln’s Last Trial on Andrew Luck’s Book Club Podcast

Dan appeared on Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck’s book club podcast to discuss the creative process of Lincoln’s Last Trial: The Murder Case That Propelled Him To The Presidency. The interview details the rediscovery of the only transcript that exists of any of Abraham Lincoln’s trials. Dan discusses the importance of the trial both in terms of the presidency, as well as the future of all American court cases.

The podcast looks into the historical accuracy of Dan’s newest publication, from the foundation of new legal precedents, to the smallest details of Lincoln’s everyday actions throughout the length of the trial.
Dan looks back on how he creates an interesting and exciting true crime drama through careful research, development, and structure based firmly on 140-year-old facts of one of America’s most important historical figures.

Lincoln’s Last Trial is the true story of Abraham Lincoln’s last murder trial, a case in which he had a deep personal involvement – and which played out in the nation’s newspapers as he began his presidential campaign. The book captures the presidential hopeful’s dramatic courtroom confrontations in vivid detail as he fights for his client – but also for his own blossoming political future. It is a moment in history that shines a light on our legal system, as in this case Lincoln fought a legal battle that remains incredibly relevant today.

Dan’s interview on the Andrew Luck Book Club podcast can be found here.
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