Jason Young Retrial

After his first trial last year resulted in a hung jury, Jason Young now faces another on charges of killing his pregnant wife, Michelle Young, in November of 2006. Dan Abrams was on Good Morning America┬áto discuss the retrial, which seems like an interesting case for a number of reasons. He called it a lose-lose for Young to testify again, which he probably won’t have to do. More than a year later, the Prosecution has the benefit of time to examine the first trial and ask some tougher questions. Jurors are watching movies and reading transcripts of that trial, and if nothing else, things should be more thorough this time. Dan points out a number of interesting factors to consider: the state of the former couple’s relationship, the motive of Young wanting to leave because of the pregnancy, the fact that there’s evidence of internet searches for head trauma, and the list goes on. Perhaps one of the most important pieces, according to Dan, is the testimony from a gas station attendant, who asserts that she spoke with Young at 5:30 am the day of the crime – outright contradicting Young’s assertion that he was fast asleep. To watch the discussion, click here.