Dan Writes About Media’s Infatuation with Itself, Even in Death and Doom

Dan wrote a piece for Mediaite.com  about the recent drama in the media world and the media’s obsession with itself. 2015 has already proven to be a tumultuous year so far for those in the media business. In less than two months the television and news world has been turned upside down between Brian Williams’ “fall from grace” to the sudden deaths of David Carr and Bob Simon, as well as Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. While these events did have some major impact and repercussions, Dan notes the amount of media coverage devoted to such topics that probably wouldn’t have occurred had these individuals not worked in media.  Dan asks, “If Carr had been a pioneering finance writer or art critic would he have received anywhere near this amount of mainstream media coverage? Of course not.” He also adds an interesting call- out, “Us media types often take issue with political figures, business leaders and even entertainment titans who view the world through a narrow, self-centered prism. Yet who is there to call us out when we are guilty of the same crime?” Read the full piece here.