Good Morning America: Dan weighs in on Colorado cop slamming woman to the ground

Colorado police are investigating the takedown 22 year old Michaella Surat of by an officer, which critics are calling an “excessive force.”  Here you can see the video which was viewed over half a million times in 4 hours, as well as Dan Abrams on this morning’s Good Morning America with his take on the situation.

Police stand by the “standard arrest control” action taken by the officer, and will release his body-cam footage showing the moments preceding the 9-second clip. Dan said that it is important to see this footage to learn the full story to assess this seemingly “excessive” maneuver in which the 5’9, 115 pound woman was slammed face first into the ground.  He stated that it could be an “uphill battle” for the officer, given the 9-second clip, but that judgment cannot be made until we can see if Surat posed a threat to the officer.  Questions will be answered once the footage is released.