Don Lemon says Dan Abrams is Politically “Center-Right” While Megyn Kelly calls Dan “Center-Left,” Who’s Right?


Don Lemon calls Dan Abrams politically center-right

Megyn Kelly calls Dan Abrams politically center-left


Everyone views things through a personal lens that has been shaped by their own experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. Two different people can look at the exact same situation, but see completely different things. Dan Abrams, media entrepreneur and host of SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show” knows this just as much as anyone. When Don Lemon, author and CNN anchor, joined Dan’s show last week to discuss his new book “This is The Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism,” Don called Dan’s political leanings center-right. However, this is the exact opposite stance that attorney and journalist, Megyn Kelly, took when Dan joined her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show”, back in January. On Megyn’s podcast she introduced Dan as politically center-left. The question is, who is right?

On Dan’s daily radio show he gets callers from all sides of the political spectrum, but how those listeners view Dan depends on their own beliefs. Those who tend to lean right say he’s more left-leaning, whereas those who tend to lean left say the exact opposite. The Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly situation highlights this to a tee. While Don defined himself as politically center on Dan’s show and Megyn stated on hers that she doesn’t know how to classify herself in today’s climate, it’s clear the two view Dan differently. Why is this?

On Megyn Kelly’s podcast, Dan and Megyn discussed a number of topics from impeachment, to censorship, to partisanship in the media. Dan took the stance that former President Trump’s comments on the election are a flat out lie and defended Facebook and YouTube’s right to moderate who uses their platforms based off a standard set of rules, views some may say are left-leaning. However, he also took the stance that there needs to be more political diversity in mainstream media, specifically in regards to adding more conservative voices, and that anchors and journalists need to admit their often left-leaning biases. Dan and Megyn also discussed Parler and its ban from many mainstream servers, such as Amazon. While Dan stated he believes the private companies had the right to remove Parler due to their moderation polices, he also believes if they were to revise those policies, they should be allowed back, as it’s important for everyone to have a platform. Many on the left view these stances as right-leaning.

When Don joined Dan’s radio show, they discussed policing, race, and journalism. While Dan is outspokenly pro-law enforcement, he also recognizes there are real issues in America regarding policing and racial bias. Depending on where you lie on the political spectrum, you may view this opinion as contradictory, but two things can be true at the same time. Dan stressed the importance of looking at every situation on a case-by-case basis, and evaluating the facts, not just the emotion. Lemon and Abrams also discussed journalism in the context of former President Donald Trump. Dan stated he found it frustrating having to constantly fact check President Trump’s lies, specifically regarding his legal arguments.

On both shows, Dan expressed opinions that some may view as liberal and some may view as conservative. Where you stand on that spectrum likely depends on your own political beliefs. When everyone has a different opinion of what is left, what is moderate, and what is right, how do we determine the truth? Is there a truth? Maybe there is no answer, but the question remains.