Dan’s Take on Megyn Kelly’s Controversial Alex Jones Interview


On Sunday, June 18th, NBC is set to air what is already a controversial interview between anchor Megyn Kelly and far-right radio show host Alex Jones. Kelly has received widespread backlash for giving a mainstream platform to Jones, whose contentious views include that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a staged event. Yet regardless of Jones’ beliefs, Dan argues that the backlash against Kelly is unwarranted. Although Dan notes that what much of Jones says is “reprehensible” and “crazy”, he maintains that asking the hard questions of someone like Jones is indeed necessary, as praise from President Donald Trump boosts his notoriety. “The notion that the answer to that is to ignore him is absurd,” Dan says. He agrees that should Kelly go easy on Jones the criticism will be valid, but until then Kelly is upholding her duty as a journalist- to ask tough questions, point out inconsistencies, and highlight flaws. Dan states: “The key is, you have to expose people like this. You have to challenge them.”