Dan on World News Tonight: December 4, 2014

CaptureDan joined David Muir on World News Tonight, Thursday, December 4th, to discuss the latest in the Eric Garner case.  A grand jury in New York made the decision not to indict the officer who used a chokehold that resulted in Garner’s death. The officer argued to the grand jury that he was not performing a chokehold but rather a move he had been trained to do.  A video captured of the incident on a mobile phone shows the officer doing what appears to be a chokehold, while Garner repeats, “I can’t breathe”. Controversy has spurred from the grand jury’s decision, says Dan, “It sure looks like a chokehold to most people who are watching it. But even if it is a chokehold, it’s a violation of NYPD protocol, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a crime.” Watch the full clip here.