Dan on The View

The View - 16 JulyDan joined The View as a co-host Monday morning to discuss the verdict of the Zimmerman murder trial.  Along with Dan, The View welcomed Zimmerman’s defense attorneys, Don West and Mark O’Mara.  The Justice Department is now looking into this case to see if there should be federal civil rights actions taken on their part.  Dan says, “Mark O’Mara conceded to this question when Whoopi asked him if he thinks that one of the reasons that he [Trayvon Martin] was singled out because he’s black.  And he said ‘yeah.'”  The hosts also discussed the race issue in regards to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.  Dan says, “This wasn’t a Stand Your Ground offense.  This was self-defense.  This was a pure, classic self-defense law.  The Stand Your Ground law would have allowed him not to get tried.”  Watch the full episode here.