Dan on The Cover of Hamptons Magazine

CaptureDan was featured on the cover of Hamptons Magazine for their latest issue (Volume 36, Issue 13).  The piece was photographed by photographer Nigel Parry who commented  in the magazine “I was impressed by the fact that he [Dan] seemed water and windproof! Despite the appalling weather on shoot day, Dan was patient, gracious and good-humored”. Ali Wentworth interviewed Dan for the magazine about his new restaurant, White Street, his career (which includes wearing quite a few different hats) and balancing it all while being a father. Ali commented on Dan, “He’s just an amazingly accomplish man, and kind, and funny, and so, so handsome. Damnit, he’s perfect!”

Here is a clip from the article:

Ali Wentworth: I’ve also found that especially in the career that you [and George] have, you live by very bizarre schedules, and suddenly you have children, and you have to do a whole review on your life. Have you found that there have been some adjustments?

Dan Abrams: Definitely. Every morning after Good Morning America, I now go home to just hang out with Everett. At other times I may have gone to breakfast or hung out at the office, but now—unless there’s some pressing matter—the schedule is to go home and hang out with Everett for an hour or so.

Read the full article and see the photo shoot here.