Dan on Texas Father Accused of Murder

CaptureDan joined the Good Morning America team on Thursday, August 28th to discuss the case of a man from Texas who was accused of killing the drunk driver that struck and killed his two children. In 2012, a drunk driver hit and killed David Barajas’ two sons. Investigators said that Barajas ran home to grab a gun and shoot the 20-year-old drunk driver, however, with no eyewitnesses, the jury found Barajas not guilty and acquitted him on all charges. Dan explains why this verdict was not shocking, “First of all, there’s the lack of evidence, right. There’s the fact that they don’t find the weapon. There’s the fact there are no eyewitnesses, et cetera. But you combine that with the sympathy for the defendant so if you got jurors back there who are saying to  themselves, well, it sure looks like he did it. It sure seems like he did it. He sure seems like the obvious person to have done it and yet they say wait a second, we’re not convicting this guy on this — with these facts on this evidence. It’s those two things together, I think, that made this a relatively easy call.” Watch the full clip here.