Dan on Secretive Grand Jury Process

CaptureDan joined the Robin Roberts at Good Morning America¬†on Tuesday, November 25th to discuss the secretive grand jury process and what it entails. The grand jury in Ferguson reached a decision the night before not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Rather than a preliminary hearing, this case was brought to a grand jury to decide whether or not it should be brought to trial. Says Dan, “Grand juries are much more secretive, much more casual, they only need 9 out of 12 to have the case move forward. Evidence that wouldn’t¬†typically be admitted in a trial can be admitted in front of a grand jury. Typically, you have a couple of detectives walk in, the prosecutor asks for a charge, and they get it. This was more akin to a jury meaning they got all the evidence to evaluate. Still no cross-examination of witnesses, et cetera, but more like a typical jury trial in the amount of evidence that these grand jurors got to evaluate.” Watch the full clip here.