Dan on Ray Rice Termination

CaptureDan was on Good Morning America, Tuesday September 9th to discuss the recent controversy surrounding Ravens running back Ray Rice. Rice was suspended for two games back in February when video surveillance footage showed him dragging his unconscious, then-fiance, Janay, out of an elevator. TMZ then released the whole video which shows Rice punching Janay knocking her out before dragging her. The Baltimore Ravens released Rice and the NFL has suspended him indefinitely, however, people are questioning why it took so long and why did it take seeing this full video for the NFL to take harsher action. Says Dan, “And you have to ask yourself, what’s really changed? We had seen the previous video, right?Of him dragging his wife out of the elevator. Knowing that he had hit her. He was charged criminally.That was resolved. And now, today, the NFL is acting as if, oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.Look at what happened. What did they think happened in the elevator? We knew what had happened in the elevator and I think they’re using this to some degree as cover, to take a harsher position and give him a tougher sentence.” Watch the full clip here.