Dan on Philadelphia Abduction Newest Details

CaptureDan joined the Good Morning America team on Friday, November 7th to discuss the latest details about the abduction, and now rescue of a 22-year-old woman in Philadelphia. Police say that after being taken and stuffed into the car of ┬áthe alleged abductor, Delvin Barnes, the young girl smashed out the back window with a hammer and even hit Barnes. Then, despite being subdued, the girl threw her cell phone out of the car so authorities would know her identity. Additionally, she gave her kidnapper her ATM card and pin number in hopes that it would lead the police to her…and it did. Not only was Barnes captured by surveillance video using the ATM, but his car was outfitted with a GPS device that auto dealers often use to keep tabs on those with bad credit. The combination of these details ultimately led to her rescue. ┬áSays Dan, “Terrific police work, terrific help from ordinary citizens, I mean you’re talking linking up potato chips, receipts, surveillance video and finally ending up with a used car dealer who had put a GPS on the car and could flip it on and find out exactly where it was. But let’s keep in mind, the reason they were able to put those pieces together is because of really good police work and a lot of help from people calling in tips.” Watch the full clip with more intriguing evidence, here.