Dan on Oscar Pistorius Defense

CaptureDan joined the Good Morning America team on Friday, May 1st to discuss the Oscar Pistorius trial which is set to resume next week. Although Pistorius was pummeled during cross examination last month, sources close to the defense claim that the heart of their case hasn’t yet begun. Sources told ABC news that defense could have as many as 11 additional witnesses in two weeks of testimony, including a ballistics expert and a sound expert. What does Dan have to say about this? Says Dan, “Remember this isn’t a case about “who-dun-it”, he admits he did it and the question is, why? The most important witness to why, is Oscar Pistorius, he already testified. All of the other witnesses will be interesting and they’re going to be relevant, and the defense hopes they’re going to poke some holes in the prosecution’s theories, et cetera. But the bottom line is, the heart of this case has happened already. It was Oscar Pistorius, and the rest of these witnesses, I think, are going to be just additional information the defense hopes lead to reasonable doubt.” Watch the full clip with Dan’s analysis here.