Dan on Oscar Pistorius 4/11/2014

CaptureDan weighed in on the latest with the ongoing Oscar Pistorius trial on Good Morning America Friday April 11th. Lead prosecutor Gerri Nel, continued his cross examination of¬†Pistorius for the third day as Pistorius fought back tears prompting the judge to ask if he had run out of stamina for the day. One of the most important questions Nel asked Pistorius: ¬†‘how did he not know Reeva was not in bed when he grabbed his gun?’, Pistorius couldn’t seem to give a definite answer. Says Dan, “This is the most important part of the cross examination, which is the question of how did he not know that she was there and he doesn’t really have answer to that question…The two key things we’ve heard today are the prosecutor really focusing on how could you have not known she was there and number 2, why did you shoot at the door, what was it that lead you to shoot even if there was an intruder?… It is the crucial question in this case.” Watch the full clip here.