Dan on Nightline: September 5, 2013

CaptureDan was behind the¬†Nightline¬†anchor desk again last night, in an episode that focused on two stories about tourism: how tourists are headed to warmer and warmer temperatures, and on ways to save money while renting a car. Dan says, “Extreme heat tourism: see why tourists are flocking to the hottest places on earth, and why not all of them are making it out alive… extreme sports are increasingly going mainstream, with adrenaline-inducing activities finding their way into regular vacations. But then there’s just extreme – like extreme heat: tomorrow Death Valley is expected to reach 117 degrees, which seems less like a vacation spot and more like a wrong turn. So why are tourists lining up at America’s hottest locations?” Find out by watching the full episode, which continues with the travel theme: “When you’re traveling on a budget, renting a car can be maddening. We’re going on a road race to find out the best tips and what to watch out for so your wallet won’t spin out of control,” says Dan. For the full episode, including a football-themed Feed Frenzy, watch here.