Dan on Nightline: October 21, 2013

DCapturean anchored Nightline last night for an episode that covered a wide array of topics. From the Los Angeles authorities’ crusade against counterfeit goods (Nightline goes on the front line with “those trying to stop a tidal wave of illegal imports – not heroin or cocaine, nope, it’s handbags. You thought buying that knockoff Chanel couldn’t hurt anybody? Think again.”), to a girl named “Maria” (“Who is this little girl? And was she abducted? Found in Greece, looking nothing like the people claiming to be her parents… now across the globe families of missing children hoping for answers as investigators race to solve the mystery of ‘Maria’.”), to Lady Gaga’s response to Madonna (Lady Gaga is “taking on those criticizing her weight, looks, and even gender”), see the full episode here.