Dan on Nightline: November 21,2013

CaptureDan anchored Nightline last night in an episode that discussed a bizarre case about a woman accused of enlisting her brother and adopted son to aid in murder, a shocking exclusive story about two al Qaeda-linked terrorists posing as refugees in Kentucky and exclusive footage of the JFK assassination. Nightline Investigates got access to the undercover FBI operation that discovered the terrorists.   Explains Dan, “An undercover FBI operation exposes al Qaeda terrorists posing as refugees, in the middle of the American Heartland. They quickly learned that  lax background checks were to blame, but it turns out that’s just the beginning, there may be dozens more now in this country as well.”  Watch the episode in its entirety here. Also, in honor of the Hunger Games nationwide premier, check out Feed Frenzy recapping all the reasons why we love, Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawerence, here.