Dan on Nightline: June 30, 2014

CaptureDan was behind the anchor desk of Nightline on Monday, June 30th. This episode included a variety of stories, the first being very relevant to the beginning of the summer season when people start to make travel plans, and are sometimes forced to book last minute travel. Nightline takes you through some of the best travel tips, with self proclaimed, travel hacker, Bryce Conway, on how to score free flights and get the best discounts. Next,¬†Nightline takes us to Brazil where child healers are attracting believers from around the world. ¬†Child healers are only part of a growing business of self-anointed miracle workers based in Brazil, and critics are worrying about the growing popularity. Finally, People Magazine’s hottest bachelor, Joe Manganiello, opens up about dating and romance. Watch the full episode here.