Dan on Nightline: June 18, 2014

CaptureDan anchored for Nightline on Wednesday June 18th in an episode that looked into a variety of topics. It began with a look at a new cellphone app that seems to encourage cyberbullying. The newest technology has made it possible for students to post anonymously on a new app, about people who are nearby. As this was not the intention of the creators, they responded to complaints by setting up “geofencing”, that uses coordinates to prevent the app from being used on school grounds, protecting 85% of all middle and high schools. While this may be helping to cut down the use on school grounds, the nature behind the use of this app to anonymously bully other children is startling. The next story goes inside the lives of male strippers, the types of men who inspired the movie “Magic Mike”. Nightline follows some of the men from “Le Bare” in Dallas to get a look  inside their worlds to see what happens on and off stage.  Finally Nightline takes a rare sneak peak at Amazon’s newest cellphone technology that will change the world of smart phones as we know it. Watch the full episode here.