Dan on Nightline: January 6, 2014

CaptureDan was behind the anchor desk of Nightline on Monday, January 6th in an episode that went inside the polar vortex as well as investigated pop star, Ke$ha’s choice to enter rehab for an eating disorder. Finally the episode ended with a look at some of the upcoming super bowl ads and if they really work. The episode begins with a look at the polar vortex and the recording breaking, deadly, low temperatures across the United States. Next, the episode focuses on recording artist, Ke$ha, who has had 10 chart topping hits in the last three years but despite her success, she has been struggling with body image issues and will be in a rehab for an eating disorder for the next 30 days. On her¬†Facebook¬†page, the singer says she needs to ” learn to love myself again”. Finally the episode concludes with a look at Superbowl ads and a recent study suggesting they don’t even help business. So why do businesses fork out millions for them? Watch the full episode here.