Dan on Nightline: December 27, 2013

CaptureDan was behind the anchor desk of Nightline Friday December 27th in an episode that investigated an array of topics. Correspondent Juju Chung, joins the ladies of the Chicago Bliss team on a road trip and gets up close and personal with these athletes, many who balance a career, family and their passion for football. The next topic was about a new species of cat. One of the hottest new pets is a combination between a house cat and a wild jungle cat. Nightline investigates these new breeds who have an outrageous demand on the pet market. But while these hybrid cats may be cute when they’re young, many are still closely related to their jungle cat relatives and can be dangerous. The final topic was the search for a burglar who shot and killed a police officer in Mississippi. The hunt is on for a man caught on a surveillance camera robbing a bank. Watch the full episode here.