Dan on Nightline: December 10, 2014

CaptureDan appeared on Nightline, Wednesday, December 10th to discuss the case of a Montana forest service firefighter on trial for shooting and killing an alleged burglar. Markus Kaarma, 30, is charged with baiting 17-year-old victim, Diren Dede, into sneaking into his garage early April 27 and killing him with four shotgun blasts. Police arrested Kaarma the next day charging him with deliberate homicide. Prosecutors are saying that Dede had walked into a trap, that Kaarma set up the garage to catch the burglar in the act, as court documents show he set up a baby monitor inside the garage along with motion senors. Montana is one state that has a “stand your ground” law allowing home owners to use fatal force if it is necessary but the question is, was it justifiable? Dan spoke with ABC’s Tom Llamas for Nightline, “If they baited him, then he’s guilty. You can’t lure someone into your home to try to kill them. In any state with any protective stand your ground or castle doctrine law. Bottom line is, you set a trap for someone to come to your house, you’re prepared there to shoot and kill that person because you’ve created a trap? That’s murder.” Watch the full clip here.