Dan on Michigan Matricide Tape

Dan appeared on Good Morning America again today to continue dicussing the trial of Jeffrey Pyne, a former high school valedictorian in Michigan accused of killing his mother. The latest in the case? An interrogation tape, of which Dan says: “It’s a really important tape. We’ve talked about the fact that this is a tough case for prosecutors, and I think if these jurors come back with a conviction it will somehow be connected to this tape.” He continues, “Most important question or issue that comes up on this tape is the timing — because, remember, her body’s found around 2:30, he says he leaves the house at around 1 to 1:30, and prosecutors are trying to move that timeline back, back, back to say in essence ‘Nuh-uh.'” In conclusion, “His words become absolutely crucial with regards to that timeline, because if the jurors don’t believe it, that could be a problem,” says Dan. For more, including whether Pyne will testify, watch the full segment here.