Dan on John Goodman Retrial

CaptureDan joined the Good Morning America team on Tuesday, October 14th to discuss the details in the retail of John Goodman, originally charged with a DUI and manslaughter in 2012 but recently awarded a retrial because of jury misconduct. The new trial is proving to have its share of twists and turns with new details emerging from Heather Hutchins, Goodman’s girlfriend who took the stand on Monday. One such shocking detail was that he tried to legally adopt her in 2011 to protect his wealth. Hutchins also stated that Goodman hadn’t started drinking until after the crash and was simply disoriented, not drunk at all. Failing to mention this major piece of evidence in the first trial definitely puts her credibility into question. Says Dan, ” If they’re convinced she’s lying and they think they can prove she’s lying, they could charge her with perjury, you’ve seen it happen before in cases… It is hard to prove and I’m saying they’re going to charge her with that but if the prosecutors become convinced that’s the case, that would be the remedy for prosecutors in the case.” Watch the full clip here.