Dan on Jeffrey Pyne Trial

Dan appeared on Good Morning America¬†again today to continue his coverage of the Michigan matricide case. The trial for Jeffrey Pyne, high school valedictorian accused of murdering his mother, begins today. What will happen? He discusses the 911 tape played for the jury today, in which the husband of the victim and father of the suspect calls the police. This is “really setting the stage for the evidence to come,” explains Dan. Speaking of evidence, what have they presented? Answers Dan, “So far, we’re really just hearing the prosecution’s case, and this was a good day for prosecutors, no doubt about it, because these wounds on the hand are the best evidence for prosecutors. The question is, can prosecutors cross over from ‘Yeah, this guy could have done it’ to proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he did do it, and I think that’s going to be the challenge for prosecutors here.” Watch the full segment here.