Dan on Ira Judelson, Bail Bondsman to the Stars

CaptureDan did a piece for Nightline on a man who helps out the rich and famous when they are in a bind. Ira Judelson is known as the “bail bondsman to the stars” and has helped celebrities from rapper, Ja Rule to former Giants’ wide receiver, Plaxico Burress to comedian Katt Williams stay out of jail. Dan joined Ira at his New York City office to get a glimpse of some of his work. Plastered on the walls are the biggest headlines from his clients’ cases like Ja Rule, Lindsay Lohan, and Dominique Kahn. Dan sits down with Ira asking, “Do you think many people look at you and say, he is the guy that helps bad guys get out?”, he opens up about how he gets close to his clients helping them not only with posting bail but with consoling. The piece aired on Nightline, Wednesday September 3rd, watch the full clip here.