Dan on Husband Poison Scandal

CaptureDan appeared on Good Morning America, Thursday, September 4th to discuss the disturbing case of a man who was arrested for allegedly poisoning his wife back in 1994. Authorities had been stumped by this case for years when Linda Curry, a nonsmoker, died 20 years ago with fatal levels of nicotine in her system. After recent new tests authorities believe they have been able to link Curry to his wife’s death. He was arrested four years ago in small Kansas town where he worked in government, had remarried and was living off of the $400,000 insurance payout from Linda’s death. If convicted Curry faces life in prison without possibility of parole. Says Dan, “He’s a been a suspect from the beginning. Not one of those cases where new DNA evidence came to light and they were able to find it based on new technology because, remember, this is a husband and wife who lived in the same house so his DNA would be everywhere.┬áIt seems that there’s some sort of new technology or new testing that was done that allowed them to determine exactly how she died but what this really comes down to to me is a reinvigorated investigation in 2007. A district attorney who decided to take a new look at this case, do some new testing in this case and now has filed charges in 2010…They haven’t been able to file charges because it’s been a tough case and put on top of that you have these witnesses who may have passed away, may have forgotten thing, et cetera, this is not going to be an easy case.” Watch the full clip here.