Dan on Good Morning America

Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America to discuss developments in mother’s pursuit of criminal charges against her daughter’s 41 year-old high school teacher-become-lover. In the absence of any law that could really treat such a case, when the student in question is 18, legislators are working on new language. In any event, an ex-post-facto law such as that would not have any effect on the case at hand. Nevertheless, this new law would try and criminalize “seductive communication,” like texting, and “excessive and inappropriate conduct with a student.” “That’s where it gets a little tough to define,” Dan said. “You’ve got to be careful when you’re framing the language around this because it sounds like what the legislators are doing is reacting to this specific case and saying how do we prevent this kind of case from even getting to this point. When their goals may be admirable they have to be very careful as to how they go about executing them.” Watch Dan Abrams and the full discussion here.