Dan on Conrad Truman Trial

CaptureDan appeared on Good Morning America, Friday, October 17th to discuss the trial of Conrad Truman accused of killing his wife to cash in on a $1 million insurance policy. Truman allegedly shot his wife in 2012 after a night of drinking and the television show “Dexter” about a serial killer. Truman testified in front of the jury claiming he did not kill his wife but his story surrounding the incident has changed multiple times and  much of the case is focused on his demeanor.Dan commented, “…the most compelling evidence against him are the conflicting statements. At one point he says, I think it was an intruder, ‘it was shot through the window’, well there were no bullets through the window. Then his account is, no it was actually a mistake… He’s completely changed his story and now he’s taking the stand so whether these jurors believe him becomes the entirety of the case.”
Watch the full clip here.