Dan on Arias Trial: Abuse Expert Cross-Examination

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.03.08 AMDan appeared onĀ Good Morning America today alongside HLN host Nancy Grace to again discuss the ongoing Arizona murder trial of Jodi Arias, charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. In the latest, an abuse expert was grilled in cross-examination. “The prosecution has a ton of ammunition here to use with this witness,” says Dan, continuing, “which begs the question, why is he often yelling at this witness… I think it’s been a mistake that the prosecutor has been overly agressive at times; I think he’s recognized that and pulled it back when needed to say, ‘I’ve got a lot of things to question this witness about, I can demonstrate that this witness cherry picks which things to look at, and which things not to look at. I can prove that this witness is so in the Jodi Arias tank that she is ignoring any evidence that makes Jodi Arias look bad.’ …When you have all of that ammo and you have all of that evidence, you don’t need to be yelling at the witness.” Watch the full segment here.