Dan on Arias’ Tearful Trial

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 10.18.43 AMDan appeared on Good Morning America again today, continuing to provide next-day legal analysis on the ongoing murder trial of Jodi Arias, accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Today, he discusses her tearful breakdown on the stand yesterday: “She’s crying at the right time… she continues to follow a script; she continues to be, in my view, a good witness with horrible facts. She’s getting really upset when they’re showing her photos of his dead body, she’s getting really upset when they’re talking about how she killed him, but I’ll say this is the right time for the prosecutor to be aggressive. I’ve been critical of the prosecutor for being overly aggressive early in the cross-examination – this is the time for the prosecutor to be aggressive.” Dan continues, “This is the courtroom moment.” Watch the full video here.