Dan on American Hustle Lawsuit

CaptureDan was on Good Morning America to start off the week on Monday, November 3rd. He discussed the pending lawsuit filed against the producers of the Oscar-nominated film American Hustle, for a line said by actress Jennifer Lawrence, during the microwave oven scene. Paul Brodeur, a scientist and writer,  is claiming that because his name was mentioned in this scene and attributed to a scientifically unsupportable statement, his reputation is now tarnished. Because of this, he filed a $1 million libel, slander and defamation lawsuit. Brodeur is also moving to have his name removed from all copies of the film. Says Dan, “It’s a long shot case. To some degree, you want to say, lighten up. Right? You look at this scene and say come on, really, this is that big a deal? But this is not a frivolous lawsuit. We have seen a lot of frivolous cases filed, including against various movies.  The reasons this one is a little bit of a better case is because they name him by name, his real name, they talk about something he actually does cover, which is he had written a lot about microwaves, except, he never said anything like this.” Watch the full clip here.