Dan Moderates LawNewz’s Trump Impeachment Debate

On Wednesday, August 23rd, Dan moderated a Trump impeachment debate hosted by his website, LawNewz.com. Joining the pro-impeachment side was Fordham Law professor Jed Shugerman, arguing against attorney Ross Garber, who has previously represented U.S. Governors faced with impeachment. Prof. Shugerman pointed out that the crimes committed necessary for impeachment are not as high or severe as the public at large imagines, and can range from using the office for financial gain or filing false income tax returns- both of which Trump has been accused of. Garber retorted, stating that no president has ever been impeached in the history of the U.S., suggesting that the crimes must indeed be more serious than Shugerman indicated. Garber also noted that as president, Trump retains the powers to fire the director of the FBI at-will, and to pardon anyone, including himself. Shugerman argued that while this is true, not all of the powers Trump may exert are legal- hence the argument for impeachment.

Watch the debate below, via LawNewz.com: