Dan in Hamptons Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.47.18 PMFor the 35th Anniversary of Hamptons Magazine, Dan is revealing his lifelong crush. In fact, he even got to interview her. Speaking with cover girl Brooke Shields, the issue reveals Dan’s secret past feelings for Brooke, and Brooke’s history with the Hamptons. He discovers the first guy she danced with in the Hamptons, and her favorite local spot. And it becomes clear that the area has a lot of meaning to her as she says, “The smells. The sound of the crickets. It was always a time for my mother and I—and I get a little moved by it—but she was vibrant here. There are all these pictures of Lyda [my childhood friend—and friend to this day] and myself: My mother’s throwing us on the beach with lilies over our diapers and everything is ahead of us and in front of us, and it was fun, and there was joy. Those years are so imprinted on me.” Read the whole interview here.