Dan discusses Trump v. Stormy Daniels case on GMA

On Monday, Dan talked with David Muir of ABC News on Good Morning America about Stormy Daniels’ legal battle with President Donald Trump. Daniels (born Stephanie Clifford) is attempting to nullify an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) she signed regarding an alleged affair she had with the president in July of 2006 and to return the $130,000 she received as “hush money” in January 2018 from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. As of yesterday, Daniels has passed a polygraph test at the request of Bauer Publishing, the owner of Life & Style and InTouch magazines, and while polygraphs are typically inadmissible in court, Daniels appears to be telling the truth regarding her encounter with Trump. However, Dan argues that critics of the president should not be quick to dismiss the legal safe-holds he has in place against the adult film actress. “Don’t minimize the possibility that Trump and his team could have an argument against her,” Abrams said. “There was a deal in place. You can say it was invalid, but they had a contract that she wouldn’t talk about this…does that mean he’s going to win millions of dollars against her? Not necessarily. But don’t immediately dismiss this. This is going to be a long, it seems like, protracted fight.” Watch below, via ABC News.