Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

Mediaite covers the rise of Mitt Romney’s albatross in the 2012 campaign — his creation and support of statewide healthcare while serving as governor of Massachusetts. The horror! Get the full post here.

Geekosystem has a fascinating study from a California university that managed to locate the source of about 95% of internet spam. Turns out, the vast majority of spam transactions go through just 3 major banks. To read the full post, click here.

On Styleite: the bikini and the atomic bomb are connected? Because…both of them have shaped our society? To see if I’m right, click here.

Sportsgrid has good news for anyone for whom Blake Griffin would be the ideal partner in monster-killing/apocalyptic warfare. Let me revise — Sportsgrid has good news for all of us. To read more, click here.

On Gossip Cop today: Justin Bieber is launching a women’s fragrance, designed for the woman who wants to…smell like Justin Bieber. Get the full post here.

The Mary Sue is your grandma. For further (non)explanation, click here.

On Mogulite: THE BROTHERS TRUMP HAD TO MAKE AN EMERGENCY DURING THEIR FLIGHT FROM PANAMA! Luckily, Ivanka was able to put the world at ease, letting everyone know that things were A-OK via Facebook. Get the full post here.