Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

On Mediaite: It’s F*cking Friday! Or at least that’s what we suspect Donald Trump would say, after listening to an F-bomb laden speech The Donald delivered at a Las Vegas casino. To hear the speech and the accompanying curse words, click here.

It was only a matter of time: Geekosystem presents extensive research from several social scientists on “That’s What She Said” jokes, and their social implications. Really. And it’s interesting! Really! Get the full post here.

On Styleite today: I didn’t think there could be anything lovelier than Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, but her evening dress (also by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen) gives it a run for its money. Too much beauty; it’s hurting my eyes! See the dress here.

Sportsgrid has a glamour shot of Wilt Chamberlain, who famously claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. Well, it’s not a glamour shot, exactly…I mean, I guess it could be, I’m not really qualified to…forget it, just click here.

Huh? Gossip Cop reports that Channing Tatum will star in a movie about a male stripper, based on his own early years as a, uh, male stripper. Kudos to Tatum for embracing a part of his past most actors would likely try to downplay, but still…is the world ready? I’m just asking. Get the full post here.

LOL and also “AAAHHHH!” The Mary Sue has photos of “Dune,” as reenacted by a giant gummy worm. Feast your eyes here.

Mogulite has a helpful list for all aspiring titans of industry: the ten bloggers all moguls (and would-be moguls) should be reading. To see who made the cut, click here.