Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

Mediaite has Joe Scarborough wondering if Glenn Beck will cease to be relevant when he’s no longer affiliated with a popular cable news network. Catch up on his theory here.

It’s FRIDAY, so obviously Geekosystem has yet another iteration of the Rebecca Black meme for your enjoyment. This time, it’s a flowchart! See it here.

Hey! Styleite has a perfume ad that features Vincent Cassel being insanely hot.That’s basically all there is to it. Watch the ad here.

On Sportsgrid today: Lola Henry, aged 2, has a better bracket than you. To read the full post (but not, unfortunately, to read more excellent rhymes), click here.

On Gossip Cop: Amanda Seyfried was given a parking ticket in London, and rather than meekly accepting her fate, she gave it back to the cop. Man, I wish that I was famous/ballsy enough to pull something like that! Get the full post here.

The Mary Sue has a video of “SNL” alum Julia Sweeney explaining how she told her daughter about the birds and the bees. It was predictably hilarious. Watch it here.