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From Mediaite: As reported by the Daily Caller During House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) weekly address to the press, she was asked by a reporter about the percentage of Americans who do not qualify for and pay no income taxes. Pelosi said that it is a myth because low wage earners pay payroll or sales taxes, but she stressed that she wishes “they would earn more so they could pay more.” Read the full post here.


From Gossip Cop: Rihanna just posted a ton of photos from her recent Hawaiian vacation to Facebook — including some fairly racy shots. The giant gallery includes pictures of the singer relaxing on the beach, swimming near a waterfall, riding on horseback, surfing, and… flashing a nipple. See some of the photos and the full post here.


From Geekosystem: It’s a classic story: Boy becomes successful software engineer, boy retires. But this story about Joel Allen goes on, because instead of reclining into his early golden years, he ran out of cash and decided to take up carpentry. One thing led to another, and Allen built an egg-shaped house on Canadian government land near Whistler, British Columbia. Now, after keeping it secret for so long, he’s trying to figure out how to save the place he calls the Hemloft. Read the full post about it here.

From Styleite: Lady Gaga didn’t waste time making a sartorial statement as soon as she got off the plane in Seoul, South Korea today. Naturally, she decided to wear a white Atelier Versace dress with a plunging, down-to-there neckline and a pearl-encrusted mask. The couture gown is actually really pretty, but it’s definitely more appropriate for the red carpet than the airport. Seriously, when does Gaga wear an appropriate outfit for any occasion? See the full picture and post here.

From SportsGrid: The Red Sox had a ceremony today honoring the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park before their game against the Yankees. For the game, both teams are wearing 1912-style uniforms with no numbers (although in one wise nod to the modern era, batting helmets are being used). No, getting too nostalgic for the supposed good ol’ days isn’t always a good idea, but Fenway Park is an American icon. If any physical structure deserves a ceremony in its honor, Fenway’s the one, and the Red Sox put on a good show for it. John Williams and the Boston Pops were there. And Red Sox new and old were there… including Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez, representing the Red Sox’ 2004 championship team. They were… well, let’s go with “boisterous.” Watch the video of it here.

From The Mary Sue: Rosalind Franklin might be officially the first historical lady of the geek world who I talked about on The Mary Sue. Well, there were a bunch of posts we wrote in the two weeks before the site went live, but they don’t count… the site wasn’t live. I talked about Franklin as an example of a person who was denied her proper due because of unreasonable expectations of what women are “naturally” like. Read this post here.

 From The Jane Dough: Look at this Craigslist as that was brought to my attention by a former colleague. Because I do have the full name of the Portland Craigslist poster (yet another reason why the site can be a major hub for sketchballs and creepshows), I’ll just refer to him by as “Attractive, fit male searching for cuddling, affection, and romance!” For kicks, let’s stick with Attractive Fit Male. Here’s the preamble to his Craigslist ramble: “Before you read my ad I would simply like to state a fact… I am NOT an asshole. I am simply straight forward in what I want and I don’t like beating around the bush. So, when you read my ad take that into consideration.” Continue reading on here.